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 We believe that any one can be Abundantly Fit if they are willing to put forth the effort. We provide a safe and friendly environment to educate and support our members.   This is a Christian fitness class, that incorporates exercises and movements from various disciplines to include Holy Yoga,Tang Soo  Do(Korean Karate), Ki Gong and Nutritious Movement to name a few (click on purple words for further information).    If your doctor has suggested you take yoga to improve your physical condition, Abundantly Fit will give you the same benefit. Classes begin and end with a scripture reading and are taught based on the participants' needs.   

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"I've been taking classes with Deb for over 5 years and credit Abundantly Fit with improving my posture, and keeping me flexible and strong. Deb's personal approach ensures that all movement is done correctly and safely. Highly recommended!"  D. Perkins

"Deborah is an awesome instructor.  Her knowledge of the body and different muscle groups is incredible and she gives you very personalized attention to make sure you are executing the movements correctly.  Classes have been just what I needed for my back and hips." M. Zamperini

"If you’re looking for an overall fun and fitness class, this is the one.  Debbie is certified in numerous areas...The class consists of various types of workouts, to cover all-body conditioning exercises,  e.g.,  stretching, balance, yoga, core, upper and lower body, etc.  And all in a fun atmosphere with people of all levels of experience.  She provides individual help if needed, and provides more advanced exercises too.  I guarantee you will feel better and be working towards a healthier body with her classes.” M. Gautier

 “I have been attending Deborah’s yoga classes twice a week for eight months now and have experienced great improvement in my chronic neck and shoulder pain.  She is wonderful at adjusting all of the stretches she includes during class to each person’s individual needs and abilities.  Her calm voice and assuring, encouraging manner makes every participant feel so comfortable.  I highly recommend Deborah and her classes to anyone who wishes to improve their physical, mental and spiritual health.”   P. Wilder 


Do I need to be flexible to take this class?

This class will help you become flexible. You are encouraged to listen to your body and move accordingly. The instructor will help you move correctly so that there are no injuries.